Building on…. Showcase at USD!

Building upon the foundation established during 2015-16 by the NEH-sponsored Digital Humanities Pedagogy workshops, we are planning to host a Showcaseat USD on October 21, 2016.

Learning through Digital Humanities: A Showcase will further foster our regional collaborative and implement digital pedagogy throughout San Diego. This one-day conference will focus on Digital Humanities Learning for learners of all levels– faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, even high school students– as we gather to share best practices (many of which were learned during the NEH-sponsored Digital Humanities Pedagogy workshops) and build ties between institutions. The NEH-sponsored Digital Humanities Pedagogy workshops included 30 faculty participants from 7 colleges, and these participants will organize this conference. We will also open the event to educators from other institutions in the region, including high schools, as we continue our work to (in the language of the strengthen NEH grant) build and strengthen Digital Humanities through a regional network.

So, mark the date on your calendar!


May Workshops done

We had a great– productive and inspiring– meeting on May 21 at SDSU. We shared our innovations in digital pedagogy– what we did, what our students did, and what we all learned from the process of experimenting in bringing digital humanities to our various classrooms.

We also determined that collaboration works. We need more of it. Just knowing that people are there, available to help and listen but also experimenting synchronously along with you, is enough to propel professors to try new things and to push their students to do so too.

We are grateful to the NEH for supporting this faculty-based, labor-supported effort to innovate teaching and expand the reach of digital humanities by focusing on a region.

We will have sample lesson plans, examples of student projects, and much more available soon!


Spring 2016: The Real Work Begins!

As the spring semester starts, our group will begin implementing our digital humanities lesson plans in our classrooms– classrooms spread out across 7 colleges in the San Diego region. You can follow our efforts here.

Good things are brewing here in San Diego for Digital Humanities.
This is hard and sometimes slow work, but it’s happening!

Workshop done!

Well, we successfully completed the first part of our project!– 2 days of intensive workshops, wherein 30 faculty members from 7 institutions in the San Diego region met to discuss, learn, and develop approaches to teaching Digital Humanities. The results of our conversation are now accessible on this website.

We now move in the development phase of our yearlong project, and we will be using this website to document our progress developing digital humanities prototypes and building our regional network. Check our plans and progress here: Working Groups, Results, Resources

And, of course, follow us on Twitter #sddh as we continue to explore and build Digital Humanities in and for our region!


This is the website for a innovative effort based in institutions of higher education in San Diego, California taking place this year (2015-6)!

Supported by a Level I start-up grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities, “Building and Strengthening Digital Humanities Through a Regional Network” gathers 30 faculty members from campuses across our region to work together to improve digital pedagogy for our diverse student populations and faculty needs.

Over the course of this academic year, we will work outside of the conventional boundaries of higher education–discipline and institution– in order to harness, stimulate, and distribute enthusiasm for using digital practices to strengthen the Humanities in our classrooms.

We envision this effort as enacting digital humanities pedagogy through human interaction to imagine digital humanities as an ethical effort in social justice.

Thanks to NEH for the support!

Follow us and join our effort:
Twitter #sddh


Jessica Pressman (SDSU), PI
Joanna Brooks (SDSU), PI

Core Faculty:
Maura Giles-Watson (USD)
Katherine Hijar (CSU San Marcos)
Sarah McCullough (UCSD)
William Nericcio (SDSU)
Stefan Tanaka (UCSD)
Charles Zappia (San Diego Mesa College)